The year that was 2022

The year that was 2022

It’s been a huge year for our whānau. We started the year finding out we were hapū with pēpi number four. We travelled to Australia to see my mum who we haven’t seen in over 2 years due to the Covid boarder restrictions. We travelled to Fiji for a short and beautiful holiday and we also bought our first whare!

Moving homes & a business while being 8 months hapū was really stressful and I think I might have had a small tangi every single day haha! We hadn’t really even settled in to our whare before I was due to have baby.

Our whānau of five became six in October as we welcomed our son Maiea in to the world. He slipped into our whānau as if he has always been here and we have been smitten and enjoying every moment of his newborn face, noises and best of all his newborn smell!

In November we launched our Summer release which has been our biggest restock to date and all of a sudden we are two weeks away from Christmas. It’s been very busy but we love what we do.

We are looking forward to taking Maiea home to Uawa for Christmas break and especially looking forward to nans cooking.

We have learnt and experienced so many new things this Gregorian year and we look forward to revisiting our whāinga at the next rise of Matariki.

As always we are grateful for our community of customers and all the outpouring of support. 

We wish you all a beautiful and safe kirihimete and we look forward to having you apart of our new year.


- Oli whānau xxx


Waiapu Road Snippets of 2022

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